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 Lord of the Rings Based RP

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PostSubject: Lord of the Rings Based RP   Lord of the Rings Based RP Icon_minitimeThu Mar 20, 2008 7:50 pm

It has been many years since Frodo destroyed the One Ring, then left with Bilbo from Middle Earth. Peace has settled over the land. All races, large and small, live peacefully together, ents and hobbits, elves and humans alike. But darkness is strring in a dark corner of the world, a place long since forgotten by many.

Since the time of the ring, the Fellowship has dispersed throughout the world. Sam's children have grown into powerful warriors, Aragorn and Arwen's children have become excellent swordsmen and horse back riders, Legolas has returned to his home among the elves, and Gimli has returned to the Mines of Moria to rebuild. No one has noticed the darkness that has begun to stir in Mount Doom once more. Galron the Dark, as he is called, has created an army or large proportions. He plans to wipe out all races and create his own race under his rule. It is now up to the old and new comrades alike to join forces to stop the progress of the new army and to stop Galron the Dark. With new allies and strange enemies, will the new Fellowship be able to stop Galron the Dark?


~All RPGLover rules apply.
~Please don't take a major character if you can't post often.
~No character limit, but leave some for others.
~Have fun!

Needed Characters:

Aragorn and Arwen's Children-

Lilly: Played by me

Sam and Rosie's Children-


Legolas: Played by me


Galron the Dark:

---Any in Galron's army can be of a made up race, if you like---

Profile Requirements:


My Characters:

Name: Lilly
Age: 630, appears 16
Gender: Female
Race: Half-elf
Occupation: Swordswoman
Appearance: Lord of the Rings Based RP Org_pic_elf_1

Name: Legolas
Age: Well over 10,000, appears about 23
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Occupation: King of the Elves
Appearance: Lord of the Rings Based RP Legolas

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Lord of the Rings Based RP
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