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 The Staff of Ruins

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PostSubject: Re: The Staff of Ruins   The Staff of Ruins - Page 2 Icon_minitimeTue Feb 05, 2008 11:54 pm

((Sry, guys. I know its been a while.))

When Amon turned back down to see that no one was following him, he slowed down to take an extra breath. "What was that thing back there?" He continued into the town with the busy merchants getting in your face trying to sell you anything they can find. He was walking through when he happened to see a disturbance up ahead. He ran towards the commotion trying not to make much more of a fuss then there had already been. He saw some sort of child in the midst of the others. "What happened?"

The Staff of Ruins - Page 2 Bleach_by_gladiator20
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PostSubject: Re: The Staff of Ruins   The Staff of Ruins - Page 2 Icon_minitimeFri Feb 08, 2008 6:49 pm

((Itís all good Diddy))

**Dredamore - Amon's Location - Merchant Quarter**

*Irolex still riding as one with Amon's shadow, watches as this current barer of the staff takes an interest in the apparent thievery of a child. Irolex about to return through the portal, pauses, the child was not ordinary and could cause danger...if Amon was struck down...and the staff dropped among these unworthys'...no that was not allowed. Irolex along with Amon takes a closer look at the scene.*



Lulu: Hizem! *Lulu throws her arms around the centaur, not yet aware of the growing panic and fear that her water ability and the presence of her guardian was causing among the people she had grown up with.*

*In one smooth move, Hizem, scoops up Lulu and turns on his hide quarters and gallops away from the humans, half of whom had picked up missile weapons and pitchforks. He was confident that the denseness of the forest would quickly hide them from those blundering fools.*
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The Staff of Ruins
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