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 Eragon/Eldest based RPG

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PostSubject: Eragon/Eldest based RPG   Eragon/Eldest based RPG Icon_minitimeWed Jan 02, 2008 3:57 pm

well how bout this as a cool little rpg.. a few people find extra dragon eggs, and they all have different riders and dragons. here, copy and paste this to your post when five ppl (including me) get there ppl made well have a rpg story thingy...........yea....


Race: (human, urgal, etc)
magic abilities:


Dragon name:
Fire Breathing?:
Egg Found:
Body weight:

here are mine.

Name: Ristelle Silvermoon

Gender: Female

Race: Elven

age: 200

Good/Evil: evil

height: 6ft

weight: 9st6

Color of eyes: Deep Green

Hair: the colour of Ebony, It is long to her waist, with beautiful simply curls. Butit is often tied in a plait running down her back

Personality: She is a fun loving girl, who enjoys drinking games with the soldiers. She has a firey temper, and a very short one at that. Quick to judge, and loyal to who ever earns her loyality, she is sometimes known as harsh. She is fair when disciplining, and will accept discipline when she knows her actions were wrong.

weapon: She carries a hand crafted long bow, made from one of the boughs of a tree which grew back in her home city. She also carries a long sword, made by her own brother, who is a blacksmith in Nadindel. She also carries a couple of well hidden daggers.

magic abilities: Anything she puts her mind to, as she is a master of the ancient tongue.

homeplace: Nadindel

history: Ristelle was born and raised in Nadindel. She had a home, a family, everything a young girl could want. But it wasnot enough. She trained hard with the sword and bow, but that did not fil the emptiness. One day She set out to find the thing that was missing in her life. She travelled for years, until she eventualy she returned home.
Awaiting her was a surprise. Her borter had found the largest gem stone anyone had ever seen. It was scarlett in colour with swirls of gold. He showed it to her, and upon her touch, the gem stone began to crack, as something tried to hatch out of it.
A dragonet was born. By her touch. In an instance she had become a dragon rider, and the feeling of emptiness vanished.
She trained hard, and Alan'ai (her dragon) grew quickly. Then the day came when Alan'ai was to be taught how to fly. Ristelle tried and tried but to no avial.
At this point another dragon rider was flying over head, he had seen all that had happened and landed. He showed her how to teach Alan'ai to fly, and trained her for awhile.

During this time, she fell in love with him, but her heart was broken when he refusd to train her further, in more advanced magics etc...and he left her, and Alan'ai...to seek out more dragon riders.

Present tim: Ristelle remembers Erazuh well, and still has feelings for him. This she has been able to keep hidden from Alan'ai. She wishes to see him again, and be trained by him... But whether he will or not we shall have to wait and see.

Dragon name: Alan'ai
Color: A deep scarlet, shading to a vibrant gold around her ears, and under belly
Good/Evil: evil
Fire Breathing?: Yes, black fire
Egg Found: No, The egg was found by a member of her family, who showed it to her. But it hatched for her.
Wingspan: 25ft
Body weight: 1ton
Description Alan'ai is a very small dragon in size and weight, but with very large and poweful wings, making her extremely quick when flying,and very agile. Alan'ai has a sense of humour, and a tendancy to be sarcastic.
She is very protective of Ristelle.
When people see Alan'ai, they describe her as beautiful, yet terrifying; and this is truth. There has been no dragon yet, to rival the beauty of Alan'ai, some have come close, but none have supassed. Alan'ai can be very vain, liking warn sand baths, and sand scrubs to keep her scales shining like gems.

Image of both Ristelle and Alan'ai:
Eragon/Eldest based RPG Pbucket

*Heres a bit of rules*
Only evil dragons can cast black fire
we need atleast 2 of each type (good/evil)

Ok now well start making it! good luck!
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PostSubject: Re: Eragon/Eldest based RPG   Eragon/Eldest based RPG Icon_minitimeSat Jan 05, 2008 1:25 pm

((Can we use chatacters from the books, or no?))

Name: Alicia
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 17
Good/Evil: Good
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120 lbs
Weapon: Sword
Magic abilities: She knows little of the Ancient Language, and she only knows how to cast fire.
Homeplace: Carvahall
History: Alicia grew up in Carvahall. Her family was not the poorest, but not the wealthiest either. She was always running around Carvahall, looking for things and people.
Hair: Her hair is strawberry blonde and goes to about the middle of her back. She often wears it up with flowers woven into it.
Eyes: She has bright blue-green eyes.
Personality: She is kind and caring and thoughtful.

Dragon name: Hirion
Gender: Male
Color: Deep blue scales with lighter blue eyes.
Good/Evil: Good
Fire Breathing?: No
Egg Found: Yes, Alicia found Hirion's egg in the Spine.
Wingspan: About 10 feet.
Body weight: Close to 500 pounds.

((Hope these are okay.))

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Eragon/Eldest based RPG
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