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 Alpha - Battle of the Stars

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PostSubject: Alpha - Battle of the Stars   Alpha - Battle of the Stars Icon_minitimeWed Jan 02, 2008 3:54 pm

Alpha...A large battle ship, shaped in a sphere, dark and forbidding, but within its walls lies the best of the best armies, which fight and protect the univeres...
Alpha is surrounded by 16 planets and millions of stars,
This is area is known as the explored zone.
The surrounding is bleak and forbidding, vass spaces of darkness. This zone is known as the dark zone, masses of space which has never been exploded, for anyone who has entered the dark zone, has never returned.

Each planet is homed to its own race and ways of life, each unique in its own way, every race adapted for life on their own planet. At the center of of the universe lies the Alpha, home to the ambassadors of each planet, also home of the Arch Angel. Alpha is also homed to the universes military protection, their armies, fire power,space crafts and their advanced technology.

The Arch angels are an elite group of fighters who control robots(think evangelion) and patrol space keeping peace where needed. They are the ones called to fight when stings approach from the dark zones and attack.

Recently these creatures known as the stings, which dewell in the dark zone have become more bold and have begun to attack planets rather than raiding and burning the odd space shuttle or space wagon. It is beginning to look like an invasion or at least a very well planned attack with a goal at the end.

The commander of Alpha has called together a meeting of the amassadors and the Arch angels, to try and determine the next course of action, to discover where these Stings have a leader...or are fighting as a single group....then ultimately....try to save the universe with the help of the Arch angels, from disaster

Extra Information

There is an Arch Angel for each planet

Planets and their inhabitants:

Allisia, a planet of red skies and silver grass, with rivers which run backwards. Tall golden towers shadow most of Allisia;home of the Allisians, a proud majestic people, with long hair which shines like various precious jewels, usually around 6ft in height. They are an elegant race, similar to elves, minus the tipical elven ears.

Bal'rac the volcanic planet, full of active volcanoes, rivers of lava flowing freely. Seas of fire surround the solid lava islands:home of the Bal'razians people of firey tempers, and sking which resist even the most hottest of fires. They are a dark skined race, of average human height, usually blue eyed or green, with vibrant coloured hair.

Callaco, a planet of violet skies, and deep oceans,There are small islands, for land folk to dewell on, but these islands are surrounded by vast oceans, violent seas, with strong winds, only the bravest of sailors dare sail these seas: home of the Callacos sea folk, humans with gills and webbing bewteen their fingers and toes. Their skin usually comes in tints of green or blue, their hair dark, and usually quite long if female, or very short if male.

Draco, the lizard planet, this planet is ancient, with lizards roaming the planet freely, dense undergrowth covers most of the planets surface: home of the draconians a lizard like race, of extremely powerful people, with lizard slits for eyes, and scales for skin, they lizards are their kin.

E468, the entire planet is one big city, with sky scrapers touching the heavens, and underground works which can been found deep beneath the planets surface: there is no specific race to this planet.

Fata, a mystical planet not many people visit here, but those that do tell tales of fairytale castles and forests where anything can happen: home of a fairy like creature a foot in height, with little transparent wings, all vibrant colours, in every hue.

Galacia the ice planet, with ice flows covering large streches of the planet:home to the Galacians, a race of humans with ice cold tempers, and stares that can freeze you to the spot, they have ice blue eyes, and pale skin, they are fairly tall, averaging around 5ft12 to 6ft in height. Most are very slim in size.

Hondor a mountainous planet of orange skies, the night skies are lit by the seven moons which shine in the sky: home of the hondorans, humans with large falcon like wings, keen sight and sharp hearing.

Izthetha a marshlands, covered in inaccesable jungles and swamps: home of the hard waring people Iztheins,who have stubborn attitudes, rough faces. Each Izthein tends to carry one or more scars, and can usually be found wearing a weapon, even the hearth wives. Otherwise they are like normal humans

Jargan, a planet of jungles, extremely hot weather, warm rainfalls at night: home to the Jagains a race of tiger like humans, with claws instead of nails, and tiger markings on their skin. They have incredible speed and agility.

Khazadoom the planet of death, where ever soul eventually goes to: no ones lives here, this is basically a cemetary planet

Lamia a planet very much like our current planet earth, with blue seas, green grass and blue skies: home to the lamians also known as normal humans

Mocats a planet similar to lamia except with yellow skies and green seas- home of the mocats, a race of cat like humans, with tails and ears, and even individual cat markings and fox like humans, with fox ears, red skin and even a bushy tail.

Natia the desert planet, with sorching heat, and never ending daylight: home of the Natians a race of human like creatures with tentacles on the side of their faces & hooves instead of feets, the tentacles allow them to seek out precious water in the deserts, and the hooves to protect them from the hot ground.

Ozmass the woodland planet, full of trees of everyking-home to the Ozmossians, Ogiers and dwarves, the Ozmossians are a race of people who stand no taller than 2ft, with sharp angled features.
The Ogiers are tall creatures, standing 7ft at the shortest, they have beaks for mouths, and feather tufted ears which twitch when nervous, The Ogier are a gentle race, with fur covering they're entire body, they have huge paws for hands.The Ogier are great stonemaster, building graceful, majestic stoneworks, they are also known as the treesingers, they sing to trees to encourage them to grown.
The Dwarves are well known...

Plazar a planet filled with cities of white washed buildings, pale violet skies, and blue grass: home of the plazarans, a race of violet skinned beings with large eyes, and large ears. The plazarans stand tall at 6ft5, all slim bodied, and calm.


Commander of the Alpha: Me

Arch Angels of:

Galacia -
Khazadoom -

A few ambassadors

Character profile:
Planet of origin:
Title:(ambassador, arch angel, etc)


Character profile:
Name: Commander Diamond
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Planet of origin: Alissia
Race: Alissian
Title:Commander of Alpha
Appearance:Alpha - Battle of the Stars Pbucket
Bio: Diamond has been the Commander of Alpha for the last 5 years, when she enters a room her presence dominates, her grace and elegance flowing from her every essence. Diamond's father had been the previous commander, bu suffered a terrible fate at the hands of the stings. Diamond was overcome with grieve, but took up her fathers mantle, guiding the armies of Alpha and protecting the planets which surround them.
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PostSubject: Re: Alpha - Battle of the Stars   Alpha - Battle of the Stars Icon_minitimeThu Jan 03, 2008 6:36 pm

Character profile:
Name: Tiege Strong Claw
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Planet of origin: Jargan
Race: Jagains
Title:(ambassador, arch angel, etc) Arch Angel of Jargan
Appearance: Alpha - Battle of the Stars Pbucket
Bio: Tiege, being a jargan has always excelled in physical based arts due to her races natural agility, speed and grace. What surprised to elders was her ability to maintain these traits while piloting an arch angel. The elders of Tiege encouraged and trained Tiege so that she is now an arch angel pilot of the Jargan machine that represents Jargan of the huge command ship under the commander Diamond. Tiege is a recent transfer, the ambassadors finally managing to convince the Jargan elders that their gifted pilot was needed on the Alpha under command of Diamond. Tiege has just arrived in her quarters aboard the Alpha battle ship.
Other: Tiege loves meat that hehe.
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PostSubject: Re: Alpha - Battle of the Stars   Alpha - Battle of the Stars Icon_minitimeSat Jan 12, 2008 3:46 pm

Name: Aidoneos Paleshadow
Age: 25
Gender: male
Planet of origin: Draco
Race: Draconian
Title: Archangle of Khazadoom (if its ok with u guys if not i can change it to draco)
Appearance: http://www.tawmis.com/wizardry8faq/dracon-male.jpg
Bio: Aidoneos was always very good at fighting, even at a young age when he was being tuaght by his father. His father then sent him to a school to teach Aidoneos further. He learned only a few different fighting styles but he can surely take anyone out that he knows of, and that his teachers put him up against. His teachers talked to the elders of draco but denied Aidoneos the position of the arch angle. But the elders did agree that Aidoneos did deserve the position of arch angle but over khazadoom. So they made Aidoneos archangle of Khazadoom. (If you guys want me to change anything just say so or send me a pm)
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PostSubject: Re: Alpha - Battle of the Stars   Alpha - Battle of the Stars Icon_minitime

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Alpha - Battle of the Stars
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