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 The Grand War and the Great Chase

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PostSubject: The Grand War and the Great Chase   The Grand War and the Great Chase Icon_minitimeThu Jan 10, 2008 5:10 pm

The Story

The Grand War, a war that had been going on for centuries between the Federation of Colonies and United Planetary Directorate. This war spanned across the entire galaxy, burning worlds and killing in the trillions upon trillions. When one force seemed to gain the upper hand the other would quickly push its way back up to the top making it an endless battle of power. Large clans formed within each of the forces with many families dedicated to fighting and warfare making sure that the war would go on. These nobles were the bringers of death on the battlefield and were the generals of armies.

Now though a new group seeks peace and unity for the galaxy. Though they are heavily outnumbered and outgunned they are full of spirit and are loved by the common people. The Light as they call themselves wish to illuminate the galaxy with peace and end the madness that goes on with this Grand War. People of all walks of life join day by day and they grow more powerful with every passing moment that soon put fear in the hearts of the F.O.C. and U.P.D. making them join together in some battles against the Light.

As war continued to rage across the galaxy there was a darker secret looming within the heart of the U.P.D. capitol world that would soon change everything. It was here that a young man was taken from his family and his wife and put into experimentation. They enhanced him genetically and with machines changing everything about him. They created the most sophisticated AI in the galaxy and put it into the young man so that they could control him and do as they wished with him. It took over thirty years before finally it was finished and Project Durga was complete.

Under full control under the AI Magnus, the young man now calling himself Durga under his project name couldn’t help but do what he was told. His first mission he infiltrated a large colony and eliminated a key general and than had to make his escape. He couldn’t control himself as he ripped his way through soldiers and civilians alike, killing all that opposed him before planting explosives and escaping the colony watching as it exploded and all on it were killed. In the shockwave however the ship he was on shook and he fell over hitting a wall and many large items collided down onto his head. It was this that somehow weakened the AI Magnus and Durga was able to take control of himself back.

He made sure that Magnus could never take him over again or he thought and left back to the capitol world in secret. He soon found that all those he had cared about were dead, his family and his wife. Angered he left and hid away as best he could, soon enough though the U.P.D. realized what had happened and hired an elite mercenary group to find and get Durga back, they went under the codename of the Seekers. A spy with the Federation soon learned what was happening and the Federation soon sent out its own Special Forces unit after Durga under the codename of the Chasers. And so Durga stays on the run hoping to find a place he can call his own.

Needed Characters

United Planetary Directorate – Grand King (Leader)
Princess (Heir to the throne)

The Seekers – Head Mercenary (Leader)
Right Hand Man/Woman
Three Elite Mercenaries

Federation of Colonies – Lord Czar (Leader)
Prince (Heir to the throne)

The Chasers – Head Spec Ops (Leader)
Three Spec Ops Soldiers

The Light – High Priest (Leader)
Chancellor (Second in Command)

Feel free to create all your own characters other than these that can be anything from civilians to soldiers on the front. Also all needed characters can be constructed around what you like; the only thing they must abide by is their position.

Character Sheet

Rank: (Civilians put none)
Job/Class: (Civilians have jobs, soldiers have class like sniper or some other)
Appearance: (Picture or description fine)

Now for my character.

Name: Durga
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Allegiance: None at moment
Rank: None
Job/Class: Experimental Super Soldier
Appearance: Durga

Underneath his armor Durga has short brown hair and silver almost machine like eyes. In his armor and all he stands over seven feet tall. Without he only stands at six feet tall.

History: Look above.
Personality: Untrustworthy, Cautious, Kind, Strong
Weapons: Experimental Weapons System

[ Okay so I worked kinda hard on this one, thought it could be fun. So please come and join up, anything can happen since this will be really open. ]
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PostSubject: Re: The Grand War and the Great Chase   The Grand War and the Great Chase Icon_minitimeThu Jan 10, 2008 9:04 pm

((let me know if this is ok))

Name: Tal’k
Age: 25
Gender: male
Allegiance: none
Rank: none
Job/Class: Civilians cargo hauler aka smuggler
The Grand War and the Great Chase Pbucket
History: Tal’k grew up in a solar system that was constantly changing hands in governments depending on how the war was going. As a result Tal’l has papers for both sides and has used this to his advantage as a cargo hauler of which he takes contracts. However his real money comes from smuggling whatever for a price over the ever moving boundaries that the war creates.
Personality: Intellectual, Chatty, Good with falsifying documents
Weapons: Blaster, Virbo knife (one that can cut through most materials), personal shield
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PostSubject: Re: The Grand War and the Great Chase   The Grand War and the Great Chase Icon_minitimeTue Jan 15, 2008 10:21 am

As I have already show Dante my character bio, I shall now post it here for the purpose of joining this Roleplay.

Ok - here's the character bio I had in mind:

I'm glad to see things moving along nicely - and to add to the proceedings, a bio for one of Horace's oldest companions:

Name: HK-49
Age: Unknown
Race: Droid
Gender: Masculine programming
Allegiance: None at present
Rank: Unknown
Class: Assassination and Protocol Droid

Height: 1.8 meters
Weight: 400lbs

The Grand War and the Great Chase Hk47

Repeater Blaster rifle,
Integrated Modular Weapon Mounts

Enhanced Strength,
Enhanced Durability,
Hunter-Killer Assassination Protocols,
Expanded Linguistics Protocols

HK-49 is a Hunter-Killer assassination and protocol droid who has journeyed all across the know galaxy, passing from owner to owner until he came to arrive in this particular sector of the galaxy. Whilst completely loyal - friendly, even - to whoever he identifies as "master", he has virtually no regard for any form of life, and is driven by an unquenchable thirst for violence and carnage. He characteristically uses the term "meatbag" when speaking of organic life forms.

It is unknown who originally created him, as his earliest memories have been all but erased or locked away within his memory matrix.

Due to a strange twist of fate, when HK-49's last left for unknow region's of the galaxy, the droid's core protocols came into conflict with his loyalty programming. His core protocols meant that whenever HK-49's was no longer in the service of a Master - which was whenever his Master at the time died - he ws to shut down until he came into the possession of his next master. However, his operational programming meant that he was utterly loyal to whomever his current master was, obeying any and every command given to him without the slightest question or hesitation.

However, the reason for the conflict within the droid was that whilst he was no longer in the service of his recent master, he would therefore shutdown. However, his master was not dead; and furthermore, before his departure into unknow space, HK-49's last master had left him one simply, yet explicit instruction:

"Your are free - now go and explore the galaxy for yourself."

And this final order from his now former master meant that HK was duty bound to carry it out - hence the dilema facing the droid. However, to HK's surprises - if droid can experience emotions such as surprise - his last master had modified his core protocols, making the shutdown proceedure optional to HK himself. A risky choice, but it showed the faith that HK-49's former master had in the droid.

So, with his master's last order, HK-49 now travels the galaxy as instructed, exploring the depths of known space; with the underlying hope that one day he may be reunited with his former master, and once again enter his service.
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PostSubject: Re: The Grand War and the Great Chase   The Grand War and the Great Chase Icon_minitime

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The Grand War and the Great Chase
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