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 The Age of Five

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PostSubject: The Age of Five   The Age of Five Icon_minitimeWed Jan 02, 2008 3:42 pm

A War is brewing in the heavens. Thunder rumbles and the earth growls; the circle of five are preparing for a war that will touch the very edges of the world. These five God’s known as, Ellium, Tallist, Gondeum, Sallia and Dionia.

Below the heavens, in the peaceful land of Ellurium, the peasants go about their business unaware of the tension growing. Five priests were raised to power, one every 25 years; these are the High Bourne and they rule over the land and its people, with the blessings of the Gods. They are gifted with immortality and power as long as they serve the Gods and the people’s needs.

For years the High Bourne ruled in peace, serving the people and in turn being served. They had priests working in the temples, spreading the word about the circle of five, children of light, and beings of essence. They spread the word bring unity through religion, the Circlian.

In recent years, this religion has become a corruption, the High Bourne serve only themselves, turning the needy away, and ignoring the sick. They banish those that do not worship the circle of five, and worse put to death any who preach about any religion that is not circlian.
Innocent people are being hurt, and it appears that the Gods have abandoned the people.
But this is not true. A child was born eighteen years ago, and the day of the first full moon of the year. This child was born to a pagan woman, and upon the day of her birth, the mother was found, and was sentenced to death as a witch. As the mother burned, she screamed a prophecy to all that witnessed her death. She told of a war to come, and five children that would grow up with unimaginable power. She spoke of the Circlian gods, how they would abandon the people, and these children would be their beacon of hope. She told of how these children would save them, and would become the next Circle of Five.

Her child was put into an orphanage, and grew up alone until she was five winters old. The winter she turned five, an old couple adopted her, bringing her up in a traditional Circlian home.

Eighteen years later, the world has degenerated at a rapid pace, people live in squalors, the cities are filthy, and the High Bourne and nobility refuse to acknowledge the severity of the situation. The God’s rumble, knowing the time is drawing close.

The time as come for five children to step forward, to save the people, and claim their birth right.


Five Children of prophecy:

A few friends to help the Children:

Five High Bourne:
First: Lilith


[B]Profile Requirement:[/B] (state the type of character eg. High Bourne, Priest etc)

[B]First Name:[/B]
[B]Race:[/B] (Human, Elf, Half-Blood, only humans can be High Bourne)
[B]Religion:[/B] (Either Circlian, Pagan[supports a god that isn’t one of the five] or no religion)

[B]General dress wear:[/B]
[B]Magical ability(if any):[/B]
[B]Bio:[/B](no one liners)

My Profiles:

Profile Requirement: One of the Five Children

First Name: Artemis
Surname: O'Clery
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Race: Half-Blood
Religion: Pagan

Appearance: The Age of Five Pbucket
General dress wear: Soft brown leath boots and gloves, with a darker leather chest piece and legs. She also wears a deep red tunic, held together at her waist with a belt. Upon her shoulders she wears a hooded brown cloak.
Height: 5ft6
Personality: Artemis is a hardened hearted girl. She has a bizarre sense of humour, and a light hearted veiw on death. She can be kind, and is very loyal. She is also very distrusting.
Likes: she enjoys a good fight, and a good veiw
Dislikes: Artemis hates betrayal and returns the pain tenfold
Magical ability(if any): She has amazing abilities where the elements are concerned, particularally the weather. Also, she is very good with animals.
Weapon: She carries a sword(shown in the appearance image)
Bio: She was adopted at the age of five into a Circlian family, but never felt right there. She had an unreasonable dislike of the Circlian faith and by the age of 10 had turned to a pagan religion, worshipping a goddess of wisdom and war known as Emerahl. Her adopted parents refused to accept their daughters choice in religion, and at the age of 14 Artemis was homeless again. She worked in an inn, so she could have a roof above head and three meals a day, keeping her choice of religion to herself. As she grew up she noticed she had a certain amount of control over the elements, she could also summon, what she called, her heart's blade, and sword she keeps with her at all times, but always out of sight.
She has now turned 18, and feels this unbearable desire for adventure.
Other: She has the ability to talk to and control Griffens.

Profile Requirement:First High Bourne

First Name: Ophian
Surname: Salista
Gender: Female
Age: 120
Race: Human
Religion: Circlian

Appearance: The Age of Five Pbucket
General dress wear: What is shown in the above image
Height: 5ft 4
Personality: Ophian has a calm demur, she is fogiving and loving, with a ruthless nature when her anger is raised. She has a strategic mind and a love for planning things.
Likes: She likes to relax and feel that everything is fine.
Dislikes: She dislikes being interupted, and she particularally dislikes people who think they are wonderful
Magical ability(if any): Anything she puts her mind to, since she holds the power of the gods(just slightly weaker than their actually power)
Weapon: None other than magic
Bio: Ophian was the first to be raised to a High Bourne, she is the eldest of them. She is well respected and sought for for advice. before she became a High Bourne she was a simple priest who was rewarded for her loyality to the circle. After the rise, she has devoted every aspect of her life to the Circle, but her caus has been lost though out the years.
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PostSubject: Re: The Age of Five   The Age of Five Icon_minitimeThu Jan 03, 2008 12:08 am

((Let me know if these two profiles are ok))

Profile Requirement: One of the Five Children
First Name: Lólindir
Surname: Melwasúl
Race: Human
Religion: no religion

Appearance: The Age of Five Pbucket
General dress wear:See above image
Personality:Quiet, Serious, strong presence.
Likes:Striving for something better, honesty, loyalty, keeping ones word
Dislikes: those that abuse power, that trod on those below them without thought
Magical ability(if any): Has an amazing ability with shadow, to hide things in or with it, as well as forging it as a weapon.
Weapon: The blade you see in the image above.
Bio: Lólindir was born in a servant family that served a noble house for many generations. Lólindir’s natural grace and agility had him picked out to learn weapons at a young age. He was assigned one of the guards for the young heir of the noble house, the wild but gentle Alassë. The two grew up together and became friends. Under the social decay of the recent years, the noble house was attacked during a riot, those that weren’t killed were enslaved to serve the crown city as forced labour. Lólindir managed to get himself and Alassë out, but now they find themselves alone, with their past friends and family either dead or in slaved bondage where they can’t help them at this point at time.
Other:Has ability to call forth a feathered dove that drops white feathers affectively healing all those in the vicinity.

Profile Requirement: Friend of One of the Five Children
First Name: Alassë
Surname: Ancalímon
Race: Human
Religion: Circlian

Appearance: The Age of Five Pbucket
General dress wear:See above image
Personality: Strong of will, gentle to those that have not harmed others, likes to see the positive side of a situation
Likes: Birds, wind, nature
Dislikes: Hates those that have caused such suffering to her and the common people.
Magical ability(if any): Barrier and shield magic, basics.
Weapon: Uses a bow, enchanted for accuracy.
Bio: Alassë is the only surving daughter to her noble house. She was the designated heir, and beloved by most in her family. Although her tendencies to play in the woods drove her mother to pulling out her hair. Alassë became quick friends with one of her guards Lólindir, the same age as she. When their estate was hit by riots, Lólindir managed to get them both out unlike many others both had known all their lives.
Other:Has good haggling skills.
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PostSubject: Re: The Age of Five   The Age of Five Icon_minitimeThu Jan 10, 2008 2:45 am

((I'll take my char's profile from NC... Please tell me if I need to change anything.))

One of Five Children

First Name: Selena
Surname: en Kuldes
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Race: Human
Religion: Pagan

Appearance: Selena
General dress wear:Dress
Height: 163cm
Personality: Selena doesn't talk much with strangers, but she is pretty talkative when you get closer to her. She is a little forgetful and tends to make small mistake.
Likes: Foods, good view
Dislikes: arrogant and egoist people, unnecessary violence
Magical ability: Clairvoyance, and she is able to control the air.
Weapon: Staff, named Reminiscence.
Bio: Selena's family was actually devoted to Gods and well-known, but because of the corruption they turned to pagan as sign of disappointment. Her powers are awakened at 11 when her family mansion was attacked by the Circlian, Selena half-unconsciously used her power when she was attacked after her parents are killed.
She escaped to a village and hid there, trying to control and train her power. At 16, she left the village and set out for a journey.
Other: She writes a journal to record her journey.

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PostSubject: Re: The Age of Five   The Age of Five Icon_minitimeThu Jan 10, 2008 7:54 am

One of Five Children

First Name: Iris
Surname: Carnesir
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Race: Human
Religion: Pagan

Appearance: Iris
General dress wear: Clothes
Height: 164cm
Personality: Kind and understanding but naive and hot-tempered as well as loyal to her love ones.
Likes: The sky when it's morning,the sound of peace like the flowing of the stream.
Dislikes: Creepy-crawlies and death.
Magical ability(if any): Able to use sound as a weapon, ability to control water.
Weapon: Flute,supplementary weapon: Dual swords.
Bio: Iris parents was once worshipers of Gods but due to the increasing corruption of the High Bournes,the Carnesirs changed their religion to pagan. Iris never knew her powers until when she was 10,her whole family was captured and killed right there in front of her and awaken her powers as she send a surge of flowing water.She realised how dangerous her powers was and she ran away from the city and from everyone,she hid in the forest and made a bamboo flute to play so that it ease her pain and sorrow.
Other: She is the only Carnesir left.
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The Age of Five
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