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 Role Play Rules

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PostSubject: Role Play Rules   Role Play Rules Icon_minitimeThu Jan 03, 2008 5:02 am

Rules Governing Creating Role Plays

YOU as creator of the RP (Game Master) are in charge of your RP. You are responsible for ensuring that all players are following all GaGames rules, all general RP rules (described here), and all rules regarding the specific RP that you have set up. Members that refuse to obey any of these rules should be reported to either a moderator or Admin.

ALL new Role Plays must be written in plain English. This is not a chatroom and we do not appreciate having to wade through paragraphs of Internet lingo. Some latitude will be allowed for English as a Second Language (ESL) and we do understand that typos happen.

ALL new Role Plays must have a detailed background for the RP along with any further rules of conduct and an explanation of what is expected in the RP.

DO NOT beg people to join your RP. If the Role Play is interesting they will join.

DO NOT create a RP containing sexual themes, drug references/usage, profanity (swearing), or other adult themes. Doing so will result in a warning.

Rules Governing Posting

ALL posts must be at least twenty five (25) words in length. If the situation does not allow for that much in dialogue then add some scenery description to make up for it.

IF the creator of the RP (Game Master) speaks to you about your behavior within their RP obey them. Disobeying the Game Master will be treated the same as disobeying a moderator.

DO NOT God-mod. That is, do not create a character that is invincible and all powerful, or anything of the like. No one likes a jerk.

DO NOT kill off another person's character, unless it is either encouraged by the Game Master (as in a fight/respawning RP) or requested by the Player.

DO NOT post anything containing sexual themes, drug references/usage, profanity (swearing), or other adult themes. Doing so will result in a warning

All RPs that have book/movie/anime/manga background and may contain spoilers to the other people joining or reading it must indicate so in the RP's title. For example:
Title (Contains Spoilers!)
We want to have the RPs containing spoilers pointed out so that people that are interested or such in that topic don't have to have anything ruined or spoiled for them. You should use spoiler tags as well. This makes it much more convenient for the user interested, and better for everyone else.

Rules written by Lilith

Role Play Rules Pbucket
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Role Play Rules
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